Dr. Nanditha Sethi

Dr. Nanditha Sethi,
Founder & MD, The Entrepreneur Zone, Consultant/Mentor/Trainer/Author/Prof Chairperson, CII-IWN Telangana, TEDx Speaker

BeyondPinks and I partnered and did design thinking workshops for the start - ups and it tremendously helped the entrepreneurs to problem solve and re-look at their business model. It was creative and game changing. Fantastic learning experience.

Madhavi Sadhasivuni

Madhavi Sadhasivuni,
Asst. General Manager, PATRA

Didn’t realize until this workshop I participated in, that every human being has 3 states of mind, the Child, Parent and Adult. How cool that was when you know the state of mind of other person you are dealing with. I’ve seen a great difference in my conversation skills after knowing this fact from the workshop with BeyondPinks. I’m glad to be the part of this workshop which brought in a tremendous change in my way of dealing with tough people and as well how to balance my emotions at workplace.


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